5 Things You Must Do On Jamb Exam Day 2024/20255 Things You Must Do On Jamb Exam Day 2024/2025

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams are a pivotal moment for students across Nigeria, marking a significant step in the journey towards higher education. As an educator with extensive experience in guiding students through their academic careers, I understand the importance of being well-prepared for this crucial day. In this article, we’ll explore five essential actions that candidates must take on the JAMB Exam Day 2024/2025 to maximize their chances of success.

Deep Dive into JAMB Exam Preparations

1. Verify Your Exam Details

Double-Check Your Exam Centre and Time

It is crucial to reconfirm your exam centre and time a day before the exam. JAMB has a history of making last-minute changes to exam schedules or centres. Use the JAMB portal or the official JAMB mobile app to verify this information.

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Importance of Being Punctual

Arrive at your exam centre at least an hour early. This allows you to settle in, calm your nerves, and avoid any last-minute rush that could affect your performance.

2. Carry the Necessary Documents

Essential Documents to Bring

On the day of the exam, you must bring your JAMB examination slip, a valid ID (National ID, Voter’s card, or Driver’s License), and any other required documents as stipulated by JAMB.

The Consequences of Forgetting Documents

Forgetting these documents can lead to disqualification or denial of entry into the examination hall, so double-check before you leave your house.

3. Follow the Dress Code

Understanding JAMB’s Dress Code

JAMB often sets specific dress codes for candidates. This may include prohibiting certain types of clothing and accessories. Check the JAMB website for the latest guidelines.

The Impact of Dress Code on Exam Entry

Non-compliance with the dress code can lead to being barred from the exam, so dress appropriately.

4. Be Mentally and Physically Prepared

Mental Preparation

Ensure you are well-rested before the exam day. Avoid cramming and instead, review your notes calmly. Practice relaxation techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

Physical Readiness

Eat a healthy meal before the exam to maintain energy levels. Avoid heavy meals that might make you drowsy.

5. Understand the Use of Technology in the Exam

Familiarize Yourself with the CBT Format

Since JAMB exams are Computer-Based Tests (CBT), familiarize yourself with the CBT format. Practice with mock tests available on the JAMB website.

Technical Issues and How to Handle Them

In case of any technical issues during the exam, remain calm and notify the invigilator immediately. Do not try to fix the issue yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the best way to prepare for the JAMB exam?

A: Consistent study, understanding the exam format, and practicing past questions are the best ways to prepare for the JAMB exam.

Q2: Can I bring a calculator to the JAMB exam?

A: No, calculators are not allowed in the JAMB exam. A virtual calculator is usually provided on the computer screen.

Q3: How do I deal with exam anxiety?

A: Practice relaxation techniques, get enough sleep, and avoid last-minute cramming to manage exam anxiety effectively.

Q4: What happens if I arrive late to the exam centre?

A: Late arrival may result in disqualification or denial of entry into the examination hall.

Q5: Can I choose my JAMB exam centre?

A: Yes, candidates can choose their preferred exam centre during registration, but JAMB reserves the right to change the centre.


As a seasoned educator, I cannot stress enough the importance of being well-prepared for the JAMB Exam Day. By following these five crucial steps, you ensure that you are set up for success. Remember, it’s not just about how well you know the material, but also about being in the right frame of mind and understanding the exam’s logistics. Good luck to all the candidates for the JAMB Exam 2024/2025!

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