2024 Utme: Jamb To Prosecute Candidates With Multiple Registration2024 Utme: Jamb To Prosecute Candidates With Multiple Registration

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), the authoritative body overseeing university admissions in Nigeria, has recently announced a significant policy update for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). In a decisive move to uphold integrity and fairness in the examination process, JAMB has declared its intention to prosecute candidates found engaging in multiple registrations. This development marks a crucial step in the board’s ongoing efforts to maintain a transparent, equitable, and merit-based admissions system.

As an educator with years of experience in the Nigerian school education system, I understand the implications of such a policy. Multiple registrations in examinations like the UTME not only undermine the validity of the testing process but also pose a significant threat to the principles of fairness and equal opportunity in higher education admissions.

Delving into the Details: JAMB’s Policy on Multiple Registrations

Background and Rationale

JAMB’s decision to crack down on multiple registrations is rooted in a commitment to ensuring that the UTME continues to serve as a reliable and fair measure of candidates’ readiness for university education. Over the years, the UTME has evolved, adopting new technologies and methodologies to improve its efficiency and integrity. This latest policy is in line with JAMB’s ongoing efforts to eliminate malpractices and uphold the highest standards of examination conduct.

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The Policy Explained

The 2024 UTME policy stipulates that any candidate found to have registered for the exam more than once will face legal consequences. This move is not just about penalizing wrongdoing but also about sending a clear message that the integrity of the examination process is non-negotiable. JAMB, through this policy, aims to foster a culture of honesty and integrity among prospective university students.

Implementation and Enforcement

To effectively implement this policy, JAMB is leveraging advanced biometric technology to detect multiple registrations. The board has invested in sophisticated data analysis tools and facial recognition software, which will be instrumental in identifying candidates who attempt to flout the rules. Furthermore, JAMB is working closely with legal authorities to ensure that those caught in violation of this policy are appropriately prosecuted.

Implications for Students and Educational Stakeholders

For Students

This policy serves as a stern reminder to all UTME candidates about the importance of adhering to examination rules. Students must understand that attempting to gain an unfair advantage through multiple registrations could have serious legal repercussions, potentially jeopardizing their academic and professional futures.

For Educators and Parents

Educators and parents play a crucial role in guiding students towards ethical conduct in their academic pursuits. This policy announcement is an opportunity for teachers and guardians to reinforce the values of honesty and integrity, particularly in the context of competitive examinations like the UTME.

For Higher Education Institutions

Universities and other tertiary institutions stand to benefit from this policy, as it ensures that the admission process is based on genuine and verifiable examination results. This will help maintain the credibility of Nigeria’s higher education system both nationally and internationally.

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FAQs on JAMB’s 2024 UTME Policy

Q: What constitutes multiple registrations under this policy?

A: Multiple registrations refer to any instance where a candidate registers for the UTME more than once in a given year, using different names or biometric information.

Q: How will JAMB detect multiple registrations?

A: JAMB will use advanced biometric technology, including fingerprint and facial recognition software, to identify candidates who have registered more than once.

Q: What are the consequences for candidates found guilty of multiple registrations?

A: Candidates found guilty of multiple registrations will face legal prosecution, in addition to being barred from participating in the UTME for a specified period.

Q: Can candidates rectify accidental multiple registrations?

A: Candidates who believe they have accidentally registered more than once should immediately contact JAMB for guidance on how to rectify the situation.

Q: How does this policy impact the overall integrity of the UTME?

A: By deterring malpractices like multiple registrations, this policy enhances the reliability and fairness of the UTME, thereby upholding the integrity of Nigeria’s university admissions process.


JAMB’s decision to prosecute candidates with multiple registrations in the 2024 UTME is a commendable step towards maintaining the sanctity of Nigeria’s university admissions process. It underscores the board’s commitment to upholding ethical standards and ensuring that the path to higher education is marked by fairness and merit. As stakeholders in the education sector, it is our collective responsibility to support this policy and foster an environment where honesty and integrity are the bedrock of academic pursuits.

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