JAMB Syllabus for Physical and Health Education 2024/2025

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) syllabus for Physical and Health Education is a crucial resource for students preparing for their examinations in the 2024/2025 academic session. This syllabus, designed to align with contemporary educational standards, provides a comprehensive guide to the topics and areas that students need to focus on. It serves as a roadmap, directing students’ studies and helping them to effectively prepare for their exams.

Detailed Insights into the JAMB Syllabus

Understanding the Syllabus Structure

The JAMB syllabus for Physical and Health Education is structured to cover all essential areas of these subjects. The syllabus is divided into various sections, each focusing on different aspects of Physical and Health Education.

Physical Education Components

  1. Sports and Games: This section covers various sports, their rules, and techniques.
  2. Exercise Physiology: Understanding the biological and physiological processes related to physical activities.
  3. Kinesiology and Biomechanics: The study of human movement and the mechanical principles behind it.
  4. Physical Fitness and Wellness: Concepts of health and fitness, including exercises for maintaining physical health.

Health Education Components

  1. Basic Health Concepts: Understanding health and related factors.
  2. Environmental Health: The impact of the environment on health and vice versa.
  3. Family Health Education: Focuses on health issues related to family life.
  4. School Health Programmes: Comprehensive health programs within the school setting.
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Tips for Effective Preparation

  • Understand the Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the entire syllabus and structure your study plan accordingly.
  • Utilize Past Questions: Practice with past JAMB questions to understand the examination pattern.
  • Regular Exercise and Practical Application: Engage in physical activities to have a practical understanding of physical education concepts.
  • Stay Updated: Keep abreast of new developments in the fields of physical and health education.


Q1: Is the syllabus for Physical and Health Education challenging?

A1: The syllabus is comprehensive but manageable with consistent study and practical application. Understanding the basics and connecting theory with practice are key to mastering the syllabus.

Q2: How important is practical experience in Physical Education for JAMB?

A2: Practical experience is crucial as it helps in better understanding the theoretical concepts outlined in the syllabus.

Q3: Can online resources be used for preparation?

A3: Yes, online resources, including educational websites and video tutorials, can be very helpful for understanding complex topics and staying updated with current trends in physical and health education.

Q4: How can I balance theory and practice in my study routine?

A4: Create a balanced study plan that allocates time for theoretical study and practical activities. Integrating both aspects will enhance your understanding and retention of the material.

Q5: Are there any recommended textbooks?

A5: JAMB usually recommends textbooks. Refer to the latest JAMB bulletin for the recommended textbooks for Physical and Health Education.


The JAMB syllabus for Physical and Health Education for the 2024/2025 session is a vital tool for students. By understanding its structure, focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects, and using diverse study methods, students can effectively prepare for their exams. Remember, consistent study, practical application, and staying informed are key to success in these subjects.

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