Jamb Subject Combination For Medicine & Surgery 2024/2025: Your Ultimate GuideJamb Subject Combination For Medicine & Surgery 2024/2025: Your Ultimate Guide

The journey towards a career in Medicine and Surgery is a path filled with dedication, hard work, and strategic planning. One critical step in this journey, especially for students in Nigeria, is the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination. The JAMB examination is a pivotal moment for aspiring medical students, as it determines their eligibility for admission into various universities. For the academic year 2024/2025, it is essential to understand the JAMB subject combination for Medicine and Surgery to enhance your chances of success.

Understanding JAMB and Its Importance

The JAMB examination is a standardized test in Nigeria, designed to assess the aptitude and knowledge of students seeking admission to tertiary institutions. For students aiming for a career in Medicine and Surgery, selecting the right subject combination in the JAMB exam is crucial. This combination generally includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English Language, reflecting the core subjects needed for a medical career.

The Right Subject Combination for Medicine and Surgery


Biology is fundamental for any aspiring medical student. It provides the foundation for understanding the human body, its functions, and various biological processes. This subject is vital for grasping the basics of human anatomy, physiology, genetics, and other areas relevant to medicine.

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Chemistry is another cornerstone subject for medicine. It helps students understand the chemical composition of the human body, including the role of various elements and compounds in bodily functions. Knowledge in Chemistry is also essential for pharmacology and understanding how different medications work.


While Physics might seem less directly related to Medicine, it is still crucial. It underpins many diagnostic tools and techniques, such as X-rays, MRI scans, and ultrasounds. A good understanding of Physics helps in grasping how these devices work, which is essential for future medical professionals.

English Language

English Language proficiency is essential for effective communication, critical for a successful career in Medicine and Surgery. This subject ensures that students can understand and communicate complex medical terms and concepts clearly.

FAQ Section

Q1: Can I replace Physics with another subject?

A1: Physics is generally considered essential for a medical career, as it underpins many diagnostic tools and techniques used in the field. It is advisable not to replace it with another subject.

Q2: Is Mathematics required for Medicine and Surgery in JAMB?

A2: Mathematics is not typically a required subject for Medicine and Surgery in JAMB, but a good grasp of basic mathematical concepts is always beneficial.

Q3: How important is English in the JAMB for Medicine and Surgery?

A3: English is crucial as it is the medium of instruction in most Nigerian universities. Proficiency in English ensures effective communication and understanding of medical terms.

Q4: What is the minimum JAMB score required for Medicine and Surgery?

A4: The minimum JAMB score for Medicine and Surgery varies among universities. However, it is generally competitive, and aspiring students should aim for high scores.

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Q5: Can I study Medicine and Surgery without Biology in JAMB?

A5: Biology is a foundational subject for Medicine and Surgery. It is highly recommended and often required to have studied Biology in your JAMB exams.


Selecting the correct subject combination for the JAMB examination is a crucial step for students aspiring to study Medicine and Surgery. It sets the foundation for their medical education and career. Understanding the importance of each subject and how they contribute to the field of medicine is key. Aspiring medical students should focus on excelling in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English Language to enhance their chances of gaining admission into their desired university program.

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