Jamb Cbt Centres In Oyo State 2024/2025Jamb Cbt Centres In Oyo State 2024/2025

As someone with a background in school education, I understand the significance of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in the lives of Nigerian students. JAMB is the key to unlocking the doors of higher education, and the Computer-Based Test (CBT) centres play a pivotal role in this process. In this article, we will explore the JAMB CBT centres in Oyo State for the year 2024/2025, providing you with a comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth and successful examination experience.

Understanding the Importance of JAMB CBT Centres

JAMB introduced the Computer-Based Test (CBT) system to enhance the efficiency and credibility of its examinations. This shift from the traditional paper and pencil testing method to a computer-based format has significantly improved the conduct of JAMB examinations. CBT not only reduces the risk of examination malpractice but also provides students with a more interactive and user-friendly examination experience.

JAMB CBT Centres in Oyo State 2024/2025: What You Need to Know

1. Location and Availability

Oyo State, located in southwestern Nigeria, is home to several JAMB CBT centres. These centres are strategically distributed across the state, ensuring accessibility for all registered candidates. Whether you reside in Ibadan, Ogbomosho, or any other part of Oyo State, you can find a nearby CBT centre for your JAMB examination.

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FAQ 1: How can I locate the nearest JAMB CBT centre in Oyo State for the 2024/2025 examination?

To find the nearest JAMB CBT centre in Oyo State, visit the official JAMB website and use the “CBT Centre Locator” tool. Simply enter your location or the name of your town, and the tool will provide you with a list of nearby centres.

2. Accreditation and Compliance

JAMB CBT centres must adhere to strict accreditation and compliance standards set by the board. These standards ensure that the centres meet the necessary infrastructure and technology requirements to conduct examinations effectively. Before selecting a CBT centre for your JAMB exam, it is crucial to verify its accreditation status on the official JAMB website.

FAQ 2: How can I confirm the accreditation status of a JAMB CBT centre in Oyo State?

To verify the accreditation status of a CBT centre in Oyo State, visit the JAMB official website and navigate to the “Accredited CBT Centres” section. Here, you can search for accredited centres by state, including Oyo State.

3. Registration and Examination Process

Registering for the JAMB examination and scheduling your exam date at a CBT centre is a straightforward process. Candidates are required to create a JAMB profile, obtain the JAMB e-PIN, and then proceed to a CBT centre to complete their registration. On the examination day, you will be required to arrive at the centre with your e-PIN and other necessary documents.

FAQ 3: What are the essential documents I need to bring to the JAMB CBT centre on the examination day?

To sit for the JAMB CBT examination, you must bring the following documents:

  • Your JAMB e-PIN
  • A copy of your JAMB registration slip
  • A valid photo ID (e.g., National ID card, driver’s license, or international passport)
  • Face mask (as per COVID-19 safety protocols)
  • Any other document specified in your JAMB registration details.
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4. Technical Support and Assistance

JAMB CBT centres in Oyo State provide technical support and assistance to candidates during the examination. Trained staff members are available to address any technical issues that may arise during the test, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted examination process.

FAQ 4: What should I do if I encounter technical problems during the JAMB CBT examination in Oyo State?

If you experience technical difficulties during the examination, promptly notify the invigilator or a staff member at the CBT centre. They will assist you in resolving the issue. It is essential to remain calm and follow the instructions provided by the centre’s staff.

5. Security Measures

JAMB places a high priority on security during its examinations. CBT centres in Oyo State are equipped with security features such as surveillance cameras to monitor the examination environment. Additionally, strict security protocols are in place to prevent any form of malpractice.

FAQ 5: How can I be assured of a secure and fair examination at the JAMB CBT centre in Oyo State?

Rest assured that JAMB takes security seriously. You can contribute to a secure and fair examination by adhering to all rules and regulations provided by the CBT centre. Avoid engaging in any form of malpractice, as it may lead to the cancellation of your results and legal consequences.


In conclusion, JAMB CBT centres in Oyo State for the 2024/2025 examination year are readily available and accessible to all registered candidates. It is essential to choose an accredited centre, follow the registration and examination process diligently, and be prepared to seek assistance if needed. With the proper preparation and adherence to JAMB’s guidelines, you can confidently pursue your higher education goals and secure a brighter future.

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