What Do You Do in NYSC? An In-depth Exploration of Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corps

Nigeria, a diverse and culturally rich nation, has pioneered a unique national program known as the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). This initiative fosters unity, promotes skill development, and encourages community service. But what exactly do participants, often referred to as corps members, do in NYSC? Let’s delve into the specifics.

Introduction: The Genesis of NYSC

Established in 1973, the NYSC program is a brainchild of Nigeria’s efforts to rebuild the country post-civil war. The program seeks to involve Nigerian university graduates in nation-building and national development.

Objective of NYSC

The primary objectives of the NYSC are:

  • Promoting national unity by ensuring graduates serve in states other than their states of origin.
  • Facilitating skill development and self-reliance among Nigerian youths.
  • Encouraging corps members to undertake community service.

The NYSC Journey: What Do You Do?

Orientation Camp (3 Weeks)

The first stage of the NYSC journey is the orientation camp. This is a regimented environment where corps members:

  • Physical Training: Corps members engage in daily morning drills and other physical activities to foster discipline and resilience.
  • Lectures and Workshops: These sessions are designed to educate corps members about Nigeria’s cultural diversity, the importance of national unity, and skills for self-reliance.
  • Social Activities: Talent shows, cultural performances, and inter-platoon competitions are organized to foster camaraderie.
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Primary Assignment (11 Months)

Following the camp, corps members receive their posting letters which detail:

  • Posting: Corps members are posted to institutions, schools, hospitals, and even NGOs. Their postings typically align with their field of study or where their skills are most needed.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Depending on their posting, corps members could teach in schools, work as health officers, or assist in administrative roles in organizations.

Community Development Service (CDS)

Apart from their primary assignments, corps members must participate in CDS:

  • Group CDS: Corps members engage in group community service, such as sanitation drives, educational outreach, and health awareness campaigns.
  • Personal CDS: Some corps members take the initiative to personally identify a community’s challenge and devise means to tackle them, like constructing boreholes, building classrooms, etc.

Completion and Discharge

At the end of the service year, corps members receive a discharge certificate. This certificate is crucial for job applications in Nigeria, signifying the individual’s commitment to nation-building.

FAQs about NYSC

Is participation in NYSC mandatory?

Yes, it’s mandatory for Nigerians who graduate from universities or polytechnics before the age of 30.

Can I choose where I want to serve?

No. NYSC postings are often random, ensuring corps members serve outside their geo-political zones.

Are corps members paid during their service year?

Yes, corps members receive a monthly stipend from the Federal Government, and sometimes additional allowances from their states or places of primary assignment.


The NYSC program is not just a rite of passage for Nigerian graduates but an instrumental part of Nigeria’s effort to unify its diverse population and drive national development. By serving in unfamiliar terrains, corps members learn the true essence of unity, resilience, and service.

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