How many months does NYSC give for maternity leave?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a compulsory one-year service program for Nigerian graduates. While this program offers invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth, it can also pose unique challenges for expectant corps members. Pregnancy during NYSC service requires careful planning and consideration, and understanding the maternity leave policies is crucial for ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Maternity Leave Entitlement for NYSC Members

According to the NYSC Bye-Laws, married or unmarried pregnant corps members are entitled to a total of twelve weeks of maternity leave. This leave is intended to provide expectant mothers with ample time to rest, recuperate, and bond with their newborn babies. The leave period commences from the date of delivery and can be extended if there are any medical complications.

Eligibility for NYSC Maternity Leave

To be eligible for NYSC maternity leave, corps members must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered Pregnancy: The corps member must provide a valid medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner confirming her pregnancy.

  • Marital Status: The maternity leave policy applies to both married and unmarried pregnant corps members.

  • Active Service: The corps member must be actively serving at the time of applying for maternity leave. This means she must be regularly reporting to her place of primary assignment (PPA) and participating in all mandatory corps activities.

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Application Process for NYSC Maternity Leave

Once a corps member confirms her pregnancy, she should immediately initiate the maternity leave application process. This process involves submitting the following documents to the NYSC State Secretariat:

  • Attestation Letter: A letter from the corps member’s PPA confirming her active service status and her expected delivery date.

  • Medical Certificate: A valid medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner confirming her pregnancy and the expected delivery date.

  • Application Letter: A formal application letter addressed to the NYSC State Coordinator requesting maternity leave.

Benefits During NYSC Maternity Leave

During their maternity leave, corps members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Full Monthly Allowance: Corps members will continue to receive their full monthly allowance throughout the maternity leave period.

  • Exemption from NYSC Activities: Corps members are exempted from all mandatory NYSC activities during their maternity leave.

  • Extension of Service: The NYSC service year will be extended by the duration of the maternity leave.


The NYSC maternity leave policy is designed to provide expectant corps members with the support they need to navigate pregnancy and motherhood during their service year. By understanding their entitlements and following the application process, corps members can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience while prioritizing their health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if my maternity leave exceeds the twelve-week period due to medical complications?

In cases where a corps member’s maternity leave extends beyond the standard twelve weeks due to medical complications, she can apply for an extension through the NYSC headquarters. The extension will be granted upon submission of relevant medical documentation.

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Can I travel during my NYSC maternity leave?

Corps members are not advised to travel during their maternity leave unless it is absolutely necessary. If travel is unavoidable, prior approval from the NYSC State Coordinator is required.

What happens if I give birth before the expected delivery date?

If a corps member gives birth before the expected delivery date, she should immediately notify the NYSC State Secretariat and submit the necessary documentation, including a new medical certificate confirming the actual date of delivery.

Can I combine my maternity leave with my annual leave?

No, maternity leave is separate from annual leave and cannot be combined.

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