Can a pregnant woman register for NYSC?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory one-year program in Nigeria designed to foster unity and national integration among Nigerian youths. It is a crucial step for all Nigerian graduates, both locally and internationally trained, before they can fully engage in their professional careers. However, for expectant mothers, the question of whether they can participate in the NYSC often arises.

Eligibility of Pregnant Women for NYSC Registration

Yes, pregnant women can register for NYSC. The NYSC scheme recognizes the unique needs of expectant mothers and has provisions to accommodate their participation in the program. However, it is important to note that participation in the NYSC orientation camp is not mandatory for pregnant women. They are allowed to defer their orientation and deployment until after they have given birth.

Procedures for Pregnant Women Registering for NYSC

Pregnant women who wish to register for NYSC are advised to follow these procedures:

  1. Submit a medical certificate: During registration, pregnant women must submit a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner confirming their pregnancy. This certificate should clearly state the estimated date of delivery (EDD).

  2. Request for deferment: Pregnant women can request a deferment of their orientation and deployment until after they have given birth. This deferment is typically granted for a period of six months.

  3. Relocation to spouse’s state: Married pregnant women may request relocation to their spouse’s state for their orientation and deployment. This is to ensure that they have adequate support during their pregnancy and postpartum period.

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Accommodations for Pregnant Women During NYSC

The NYSC provides certain accommodations for pregnant women who choose to participate in the program:

  1. Exemption from strenuous activities: Pregnant women are exempted from participating in strenuous activities during the orientation camp and throughout their service year.

  2. Access to healthcare facilities: Pregnant women have access to healthcare facilities at the orientation camps and throughout their service year. They are also entitled to antenatal and postnatal care.

  3. Flexibility in work arrangements: Pregnant women may request flexible work arrangements from their employers during their service year. This could include reduced work hours or alternative work duties.


While participating in NYSC as a pregnant woman can be challenging, it is certainly possible with proper planning and support. The NYSC recognizes the unique needs of expectant mothers and has provisions to accommodate their participation in the program. Pregnant women who wish to participate in NYSC are encouraged to discuss their plans with their healthcare providers and NYSC officials to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a pregnant woman serve in her state of origin?

Yes, a pregnant woman can request to serve in her state of origin, even if she is not married. This is to ensure that she has a familiar support system during her pregnancy and postpartum period.

Can a pregnant woman request a specific placement?

Yes, a pregnant woman can request a specific placement within her state of origin or choice. However, the NYSC will make the final decision on placement based on availability and suitability.

What happens if a pregnant woman becomes ill during her service year?

Pregnant women who become ill during their service year will receive medical attention from designated healthcare facilities. They may also be granted leave from their service duties if necessary.

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What are the benefits of participating in NYSC as a pregnant woman?

Participating in NYSC can provide several benefits for pregnant women, including:

  • Access to healthcare and support services
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development
  • A sense of purpose and contribution to society

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