How Much Commission Does Jumia Agents Get?

How much commission does Jumia agents get?

Are you considering becoming a Jumia agent? Or are you already one and curious about your earning potential? You’re not alone. Many people are curious about how much commission Jumia agents get for their services.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Jumia agents’ commission rates, including how much you can expect to earn, the factors that determine your commission, and some frequently asked questions.


Jumia is a popular e-commerce platform that operates across several African countries. The company offers various services, including product sales, logistics, and payment solutions. Jumia agents are individuals or businesses who partner with Jumia to sell products, facilitate deliveries, and handle customer inquiries.

Jumia agents have the opportunity to earn commissions for the services they provide. The commission rate varies depending on several factors, including the product type, the location, and the agent’s performance.

How much commission does Jumia agents get?

The commission rate for Jumia agents ranges from 2% to 10%. The percentage you’ll earn depends on the product category you’re selling, your performance, and your location.

Here’s a breakdown of the commission rates based on product categories:

  • Fashion: 10%
  • Beauty & Health: 10%
  • Home & Office: 9%
  • Phones & Tablets: 6%
  • Computing: 5%
  • Electronics: 4%
  • Others: 2%

It’s important to note that these rates may vary depending on your location and Jumia’s policies. As such, it’s best to check with Jumia’s support team for the latest commission rates.

Factors that determine Jumia agents’ commission

Several factors determine the commission rate for Jumia agents. Understanding these factors can help you maximize your earnings potential.

Product category

As mentioned earlier, the commission rates vary depending on the product category. Fashion and beauty products have higher commission rates than electronics and other products.


The commission rate may also vary depending on your location. For example, agents in urban areas may earn more than those in rural areas. Additionally, agents in some countries may earn higher commissions than those in others.

Agent performance

Your performance as a Jumia agent can also affect your commission rate. Agents who sell more products and provide excellent customer service may earn higher commissions than those who perform poorly.

Customer ratings

Jumia also considers customer ratings when determining commission rates. Agents with high customer ratings may earn higher commissions than those with low ratings.

FAQs about Jumia agents’ commission rates

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jumia agents’ commission rates:

How do I become a Jumia agent?

To become a Jumia agent, you need to register on the Jumia website and complete the necessary requirements. Once approved, you can start selling products and earning commissions.

How often do Jumia agents get paid?

Jumia agents get paid every two weeks. The payment is made through the agent’s Jumia account or a mobile money transfer.

Can I negotiate my commission rate as a Jumia agent?

No, Jumia’s commission rates are fixed and non-negotiable. However, the rates may change from time to time, depending on Jumia’s policies.

Can I earn additional bonuses as a Jumia agent?

Yes, Jumia offers various bonuses and incentives to agents who perform well. These bonuses may include cash rewards, product discounts, and training opportunities.

Are there any fees associated with being a Jumia agent?

Yes, Jumia may charge some fees for services like delivery and packaging. However, these fees are deducted from the customer’s payment, and the agent doesn’t need to pay anything upfront.

How can I increase my commission rate as a Jumia agent?

You can increase your commission rate by selling more products and providing excellent customer service. Jumia also offers training programs and resources to help agents improve their performance.


Jumia agents can earn commissions ranging from 2% to 10% depending on various factors. The commission rate depends on the product category, location, agent performance, and customer ratings. Jumia agents get paid every two weeks and may receive additional bonuses for excellent performance.

Becoming a Jumia agent can be a lucrative opportunity for anyone interested in e-commerce. With the right approach and dedication, you can earn a good income and build a successful business.

If you’re interested in becoming a Jumia agent or have any further questions about commission rates, contact Jumia’s support team for assistance.

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