Does JAMB give extra marks?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary institutions. JAMB conducts the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) annually, which serves as a requirement for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Many candidates have raised concerns over the years about JAMB giving extra marks to certain candidates, especially those with connections or those who offer bribes. This article will explore the question, “Does JAMB give extra marks?” and examine the facts and myths surrounding this issue.

What is JAMB?

JAMB was established in 1978 to conduct entrance examinations for candidates seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The board conducts the UTME annually, which is taken by candidates who have completed their secondary education and wish to proceed to tertiary education. The UTME is a Computer-Based Test (CBT) that assesses candidates in four subjects, including English Language, Mathematics, and two other subjects relevant to the candidate’s desired course of study. The maximum score in the UTME is 400, with each subject carrying a maximum of 100 marks.

How does JAMB conduct the UTME?

JAMB conducts the UTME in accredited CBT centers across Nigeria. The examination is usually conducted in batches, with candidates allocated different timeslots. Each candidate is required to present a valid identification document, such as a National Identity Card or a Voter’s Card, before being allowed to sit for the examination. The examination usually lasts for two hours, and candidates are expected to complete 180 questions across the four subjects.

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Does JAMB give extra marks?

There have been widespread rumors and allegations over the years that JAMB gives extra marks to certain candidates. Some candidates have claimed that they received additional marks after offering bribes to JAMB officials, while others have claimed that JAMB officials gave extra marks to candidates with connections or those who paid for special consideration. However, JAMB has consistently denied these allegations and maintains that the UTME is conducted with integrity and fairness.

In 2019, the Registrar of JAMB, Professor Is-haq Oloyede, stated that the board would never compromise its standards or integrity by giving extra marks to candidates. He emphasized that JAMB had put in place strict measures to prevent examination malpractices, and any candidate caught engaging in such practices would face the full wrath of the law. Professor Oloyede also disclosed that JAMB had introduced a biometric verification system to ensure that only genuine candidates were allowed to sit for the examination.

In a bid to address the issue of candidates seeking extra marks through bribery, JAMB introduced a portal in 2019 where candidates could report any staff or officials who demanded bribes or engaged in any form of malpractice. The portal, known as the JAMB Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) portal, was designed to encourage candidates to report any form of corruption or malpractice during the UTME.

The ACTU portal has been instrumental in curbing examination malpractices and ensuring that the UTME is conducted with fairness and transparency. JAMB has also introduced several other measures to prevent examination malpractices, such as the use of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in examination centers, the deployment of security personnel to examination centers, and the introduction of biometric verification systems.

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JAMB’s measures to prevent examination malpractices have been largely successful, as the board has recorded a significant reduction in malpractices over the years. In 2021, JAMB announced that it had recorded a decline in the number of malpractice cases in the 2021 UTME, attributing the success to its strict measures and the cooperation of stakeholders.

What are the consequences of examination malpractices?

Examination malpractices have serious consequences, not only for the candidates involved but also for the education system as a whole. Candidates caught engaging in examination malpractices risk having their results cancelled and being banned from sitting for any JAMB examinations in the future. Such candidates may also face legal action, as examination malpractice is a criminal offense in Nigeria.

Examination malpractices also have a negative impact on the integrity of the education system. When candidates are allowed to cheat or gain unfair advantages through bribery or connections, it undermines the merit-based system that is the foundation of the education system. This erodes the confidence of stakeholders in the system and makes it difficult to maintain standards.


JAMB is a crucial component of the Nigerian education system, and the UTME is a critical stage in the journey of many Nigerian students seeking tertiary education. The integrity of the UTME is of utmost importance, and JAMB has taken several measures over the years to ensure that the examination is conducted with fairness and transparency.

The issue of JAMB giving extra marks to certain candidates has been a source of concern and controversy over the years. However, JAMB has consistently denied these allegations and maintained that the UTME is conducted with integrity and fairness. The board has put in place several measures to prevent examination malpractices, and its efforts have yielded positive results.

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It is important for candidates to understand that examination malpractices have serious consequences and that seeking extra marks through bribery or connections is not worth the risk. The education system can only maintain its integrity when stakeholders, including candidates, parents, and officials, work together to promote honesty and fairness in examinations.

In conclusion, JAMB does not give extra marks to any candidate. The UTME is conducted with integrity and fairness, and JAMB has put in place strict measures to prevent examination malpractices. Candidates should focus on preparing adequately for the UTME and avoid engaging in any form of malpractice.

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